We put kids in sports. They put themselves in the game.

Changing the lives of underprivileged youth through sports

More than 1/3 of Canadian children can't participate in sports or recreational activities due to financial barriers.

Sports help children establish a pattern of physical activity that continues on into adulthood, helping to build self-esteem, leadership skills and social skills.

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My Wish

Every child has a holiday wish. Often it’s for a train set, a new doll or the latest gaming system. But many children wish they were able to take part in sports; to play on the team. More than one-third of Canadian children cannot participate...

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Athlete of the month

This month, we are not just going to share the story of one athlete, but a whole family of young athletes who have been supported by A4K in the past. We recently heard from Maureen Clironomos, mother of 5 kids, who reached out to thank Athletics 4 Kids for helping her children stay involved in sports: “Sports has kept my kids healthy and has taught them the values that I wanted them to have: sportsmanship, team playing, hard work, commitment….” She shared that when the children’s dad died in the summer of 2006, they were 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13, and life went into complete turmoil: they lost their house, their car and any financial security, and a friend referred her to A4K.

Through the following years, all of her 5 children were able to take part in sports because A4K was there to help; they all excelled, the boys playing soccer and rugby, (often serving as captains of their respective teams) and her daughter playing soccer and field hockey. Maureen credits much of their success in life off the field, to the lessons they learned playing sports: their accomplishments include honour roll status in high school, scholarships to University, extensive travel with their various sports teams for which they did their own fundraising, recognition and promotion in their various jobs and career pursuits, as well as being great contributors to their communities, and productive, responsible and caring human beings generally!

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