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Why are sports so important?

Keep children and youth active and healthy

Regular participation in physical activity during childhood and adolescence can help build a healthy body, control weight, lower risk of cardiovascular disease, and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. 

Sports Reduce Health Risk Behaviours

Young athletes are more likely than non-athletes to eat healthily and weigh less, and less likely to smoke cigarettes, use drugs, engage in sexual activity, or be bored or hopeless. 

Fosters positive youth development

Sport contributes positively to adolescent identity formation, a critical step in the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Sport also facilitates friendships and positive social relations. 

Enhances academic achievement

Sport and physical education can help improve young people’s school attendance, behaviour, and academic achievement. 

Teaches positive values and life skills

Sport offers young people a means to gain and enhance a range of life skills that can improve their chances of finding employment, raise their level of income, and make them more optimistic and willing to volunteer in the community. 

Prevents youth crime and gang involvement

Youth who participate in sport are less likely to engage in delinquent behaviour and have lower rates of criminal arrest. 

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