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Hello A4K Family! 

We are excited to share with you all our updated blog! We will be sharing news and fun updates regularly, in a similar format to our previous monthly blog. If you loved our newsletter, don’t worry; it will continue to be sent out quarterly. But for more regular updates, check back in this space!

We have a special treat for you all in honour of A4K’s 20th Anniversary this year! Our founding sponsor, Craig Knapton, has given some insight into the idea behind, and first few years of A4K. When Craig began A4K, the first office was in his basement and he met with his board at local clubs for the first board meetings. From a small and passionate group of individuals, A4K has grown into the organization that we have today. In starting A4K, it wasn’t until the 2nd or 3rd year that 100 applications were processed. But just this year, we are celebrating 11,000 kids helped! And we could not have done this without your help.


“The idea for A4K came through a friend with whom I was training to race marathons. He had been out for dinner and connected with a server who was struggling because her kid wanted to join a swim club and she could not afford it. I found this moving because growing up in a middle-class family, it had never occurred to me that kids didnt or couldnt play sports due to financial barriers. In fact, I learned that my friend had grown up in a financially challenged family and faced a similar challenge.

We talked about this problem during runs, developed a plan and then A4K was born. I had always given at the office” to support charities but never felt a connection or knew exactly where my money went or who it specifically helped. The idea of being able to make a direct and transparent impact was what got me hooked on A4K”


The last few years have been difficult, and thanks to your support we have been able to get through even stronger. With the re-introduction of our in-person events, we are excited to have a full calendar this year. This not only supports us but gives us the opportunity to thank you all! We have numerous events left throughout the summer that are available to all. This includes a Golf Tournament, the Battle of the Brews, a Fishing Derby, and our 20th Anniversary Celebration! Check out our event page for detailed information on how to participate! We would love to be able to meet you all and share our vision for the next 20 years. As a final message from Craig:


“My proudest moment is when I am signing a cheque for a family, knowing that this will make a difference in their lives today and for the future. I am proud of the A4K team, our donating sponsors and the volunteers that make this possible. My vision for the future is that A4K earns the community support that it needs, so every kid can wake up and have the opportunity to play whatever sport they chose.”

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