How we started

It is a disturbing fact that one-third of Canadian kids don't get the chance to participate in organized sport, because of financial barriers. 15 years ago, a small group of caring parents noticed that some of the kids in their neighbourhood were not signing up for community sports, and they asked why? When they learned it was because of the cost, they took it upon themselves to make a difference; as parents and coaches, they knew about the massive and widespread benefits that sport participation can provide for all kids.

Starting with funding a few local kids back in 2002, A4K has now grown into supporting over 1,000 children and youth each year, all over BC- in over 40 different kinds of sports. We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish but there remains a growing demand, and we need your help to meet it.

With Athletics4Kids' help my children have been able to continue in their respective sports of gymnastics and basketball despite our financial difficulties. These sports have not only kept my children active, but have taught them discipline, hard work and helped them to have very positive self-esteem.

– Miranda

What we do makes a difference

Our growth over the last few years is a reflection of the increasing need for sports grant funding. So far in 2017, we have distributed about 100 (over 800 to the end of August) sports grants each month, but that is only the beginning! Researchers have shared that there a number of communities around the Lower Mainland and BC where help is absolutely critical, and where large numbers of vulnerable and 'at-risk' kids reside. It's not just about physical exercise!

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  1. Reduces health risk behaviours.

    Young athletes are more likely than non-athletes to eat healthily and weigh less, and less likely to smoke cigarettes, use drugs, engage in sexual activity, or be bored or hopeless.

  2. Fosters positive youth development.

    Sport contributes positively to adolescent identity formation, a critical step in the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Sport also facilitates friendships and positive social relations.

  3. Enhances academic achievement.

    Sport and physical education can help improve young people’s school attendance, behaviour, and academic achievement.

  4. Teaches positive values and life skills.

    Sport offers young people a means to gain and enhance a range of life skills that can improve their chances of finding employment, raise their level of income, and make them more optimistic and willing to volunteer.

  5. Prevents youth crime and gang involvement.

    Youth who participate in sport are less likely to engage in delinquent behaviour and have lower rates of criminal arrest.

By the numbers.

Physically active children are:

  • 1/10
    as likely to be obese
  • Up to 40%
    higher test scores
  • 15%
    more likely to go to college
  • 7% – 8%
    higher annual earnings
  • Plus,
    Less smoking, drug use, pregnancy and risky sex

    Reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer or diabetes

CEO and Founder of Victory Square Technologies, Shafin Diamond Tejani, has generously pledged to match all A4K donations received up to a total of $50,000!

Shafin strongly believes that youth athletic programs are the key to creating a strong foundation for future generations. "A4K provides children with access to sporting programs that enable our youth to share in the joy of sport and develop important life skills including team work, problem solving and sportsmanship" said Shafin Tejani.

He went on, "I am proud to be able to contribute on behalf of all of our team members at Victory Square Technologies Inc. and assist A4K with this important fundraising initiative. Youth sports programs were a big influence on me growing up and I am blessed to be able to give back to this important organization".

Victory Square Technologies creates, funds and empowers entrepreneurs focused on Blockchain Technology, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Personalized Health, Gaming and Film. Tejani continued, "this matching pledge of up to $50,000 is a perfect opportunity for myself and our company to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged youth who are among the most vulnerable citizens in our community".

Our goal is to continue expanding our reach and provide funding to even more kids over the coming year.

Victory Square Technologies trades on the CSE symbol VST. For further media and or corporate questions please contact Howard Blank (Director) at 604 928 6066.

Victory Square Technologies

Here are some examples of how we help:

$120 - Swimming
$225 - Soccer
$480 - Martial Arts
$600 - Hockey
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“Words cannot express my sincere gratitude that overwhelmed me when I opened the letter from A4K indicating my son’s hockey fees had been taken care of. I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Without your generosity, my son would be sitting in the stands, rather than skating his heart out on the ice.”

– Walter