Donor of the Month- Haleigh Callison

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Donor of the Month- Haleigh Callison 


Our donor of the month for March is someone who truly lives, breathes and loves sports in such a huge way it is contagious 24/7!   Haleigh Callison, GM at TWIST Performance + Wellness, awesome strength & conditioning coach and hockey player extraordinaire, told us:

“ I cannot remember a time where sport wasn’t a part of my life.  I started playing hockey when I was 4 years old because I have 3 older brothers that I wanted to be just like and for whom I looked up to for anything and everything… still do actually.  To me who I am, where I have been and the major lessons I have learned in life have been through sport. …Vancouver has been home for a long time but I also was lucky enough to play professionally for many years oversees in Germany, Kazakhstan and also in the CWHL out East in Toronto for a few years. …Sport has taught me what it means to truly work hard, what it means to be a leader, not just through the words that come out of your mouth but far more importantly through your actions and how you show up each and every day”

Haleigh has been working with Twist for the past 14 years, and has been a massive energy and source of inspiration and leadership for everyone she works with and coaches. She has spearheaded the Crush the Coach event, a wonderful, high-energy fundraiser for A4K over the past 5 years:

“Crush the Coach is an annual event where we as coaches allow roles to be switched so our clients now get the opportunity to have a little pay back on us!  It is all in great fun but we have selected A4K to be the recipient for this event because each of us at TWIST have been lucky to first hand see the impact that sport and physical activity has had on our lives, the opportunities it has granted us and ultimately a career in the area we truly love. Getting to be a strength and conditioning coach allows all of us to share with others the importance of health, fitness, wellness for not just the elite athletes but for adults and kids who want to be healthy.  There are not many feelings greater than getting to help someone to learn    to feel great moving their body and also to help them realize what they are truly capable of both physically and mentally.  This is something EVERY kid in the world should have the opportunity to feel, so if our funds raised can help as many as possible through A4K get that chance, that is what it’s ALL about for us”!

Haleigh has always been about giving back, putting her heart and energy on the line to support the causes she believes in; from her day to day coaching of kids and adults, to donating her eggs to her brother and his partner so they could have a child, to making sure every kid has a chance to participate in sports, Haleigh has stepped up, in a big way!   As she moves on to a new career over the next few weeks, we know she will continue to be a source of inspiration, encouragement and giving back in every way possible.   When asked what she would do to change the world, she said:

“I have always said my goal in life is to make a positive impact on the lives of others any chance I get.  I think we often don’t realize just how powerful a smile can be, or holding the door for a stranger, even asking someone how their day is and truly being there to hear and want to hear their answer.  I’ve been lucky to feel the effects of the difference you can make on others very easily and by just being conscious of the opportunities to help others, how often they come up.”  

We wish Haleigh every success in her future endeavors and a huge thank you for everything she has done to support Athletics for kids.

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