Director of the Month- Ann McArthur

By · March 02, 2017 4:11 PM

Director of the Month- Ann McArthur

Ann McArthur has been a member of A4K since September of 2014 and joined the Board of Directors in mid-2015. Ann has been a great asset to Athletics for Kids and has contributed on many fronts, such as helping out with the annual Hollyburn Gala and Charity Golf Invitational. Ann was born and raised in Yorkshire, England and has four children (3 boys, and 1 girl). Ann is now retired but was previously responsible for Degree Development and Academic Planning at BCIT.

Ann has a passion for sports and has been a competitive athlete throughout her life. Initially her sports were field hockey, netball, rounders, and tennis. At university Ann played squash representing Birmingham University as an under-grad and subsequently Cambridge University as a post-grad. While at Cambridge she played in the Oxford/ Cambridge varsity match and was awarded a Cambridge Blue (award for competition at the highest level). In her later (geriatric- her word!) years Ann took up rowing and competed in international, national and local regattas, collecting gold, silver and bronze medals. Most recently, she signed up for cycling and has done the Ride for Cancer from Vancouver to Seattle twice.

When it comes to a spectator sport Ann is a rugby addict! In case one wonders why …. she explains:

"I was brought up in a small Yorkshire village with a then small (but now well known) rugby club. Both my father and his brother were ardent rugby fanatics. Dad’s brother had two boys both who played for England and subsequently their kids also played for England. And my Dad got stuck with me — a GIRL!! In those days girls did not play rugby. Nevertheless I had to learn all the rules, all the moves etc. We went to games home or away every week — so I was virtually weaned in the rugby culture. And I love it!"

We thank Ann for all her wonderful contributions to Athletics for Kids, and for her passion in helping us make sure every child has the chance to learn and grow through sports- just as she did!


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