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Get ready for our most spectacular online auction yet!!

In 2022, we celebrate our 20th anniversary here at Athletics for Kids! We’re proud to share that we’ve helped almost 11,000 kids since onset, and hope to build on that in a big way looking forward. We’re excited to navigate our way through the end of the covid era, and get back to our normal level of activities through the 2022 year. In-person fundraising events are still a bit tough, but we have some wonderful alternative plans for this Spring and hope you’ll join us to celebrate all the great things we can achieve together to make sure all kids get a chance to play!

Between May 6th and May 15th we will holding our biggest and most spectacular online auction yet: Bids 4 Kids! We’re looking for all kinds of unique auction items to help build a great selection of inspiring and different life experiences and offerings. Your donation would help us put deserving kids all around BC into the sports they love — and they need their sports more than ever before!

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