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1) Our new ceiling for a 12 month sports grant period will be $450 (single or multiple grants combined)
2) We will be providing funding in increments to cover sports registration fees in order to avoid any overpayments if programs get postponed or canceled.
3) You may apply online (our preferred method), or you can send your application hard copy to:
Athletics for Kids, #214-901 W 3 rd Street, North Vancouver BC, V7P3P9


All set to apply? Please click below for the paper application or the link for our online application!! Please choose one method of submission only.

a4k Paper Application


You may submit through our new online application! Just follow the link to complete the application

Are you applying for a year round sport such as martial arts or gymnastics? If so, please apply every 3 months to receieve a total of 3 grants throughout the year!

Online Application

**You must have your supporting documentation ready to attach and you must click on "submit" to ensure your application is received by A4K.
You will receive an email confirming your grant application has been successfully submitted. If you do not receive an email we have not received your application.

**All incomplete applications are automatically deleted after 2 weeks. To address any technical issues or general queries, please email us.

Please note: A4K does not accept faxed applications.

Important Information:

  • Processing times can take 2-4 weeks depending on how long it takes to contact your sports organization and sponsor.
  • If checking the status of your application, please wait at least 2 weeks
  • Applications are not considered complete and received until ALL information is received
  • A cheque will be sent directly to the sports organization within 2 weeks of being approved.
  • If your child does not participate in the sporting program funded by A4K at any time, please notify us immediately. 

Who Can Apply

  • Applicants must be between the ages of 5 and 18 years old and must be enrolled in school
  • Net family income must be under $42,000 a year (is not dependant on # of children)
  • Please see document Eligible Sports for a list of sports supported by A4K (ie recognized by Sport BC)
  • A4K only funds programs in BC
  • A4K does not fund school run programs or elite programs (only community programs – we don’t fund the educational system but if the program is offered by a separate entity outside of the school and uses the school’s facilities that is acceptable) or short programs (ie 1 week, though we have funded 3 weeks worth of swimming in the past)

When to Apply

Please apply 6-8 weeks before the start of the sports program to allow for processing times and avoid extended funding delays to your child's sports organization. Start of play as determined by the sporting organization.
Applications for funding must be submitted:
No later than 14 days after the start of play for a program that is less than 3 months long
No later than 30 days after the start of play for a program that is more than 3 months long

**We do not accept applications more than 3 months before the start date of a program. If there are extenuating circumstances (ie your child will lose their spot without funding) then we will take those into consideration.

What You Need to Apply

Financial Documents

Each applicant is required to submit the following from each of the primary caregivers (parents/guardians):

PRIMARY CAREGIVER: Parent or guardian who is at least partially financially responsible for the child or whom the child lives with at least part time.

    • A copy of your most recent Child Tax Benefit Statement (preferable over NOA). There are different versions of the Child Tax Benefit Statement, please make sure it clearly states your marital status and net family income.

    • A copy of your most recent Notice of Assessment (NOA) from Revenue Canada. After July 1, 2022 we require your 2021 NOA.

    • Proof that the child is in foster care (we do not require proof of income for foster families at this time).

      If your net family income is under $10,000 and you are not receiving social assistance we will require additional financial documentation showing how you are making ends meet.

Sponsor Information

A sponsor must be familiar with your marital status and financial situation and be willing to participate in a phone conversation with an a4k representative to verify the applicant’s case. a4k does contact each and every sponsor.

The sponsor cannot be a relative of the applicant or the parent/guardian submitting the form. They must also not be associated with the sports organization you are applying for.
A sponsor must be someone who follows a moral code of conduct in their profession.

Examples of credible sponsors include (but are not limited to):

  • Social worker
  • School administrator or counsellor
  • Principal
  • Teacher
  • Church leader (Rabbi, Minister, Priest, etc)
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Accountant
  • Lawyer
  • Dentist
  • Doctor (please confirm with the Doctor that they will be able to partipate in a phone conversation with a4k).

An accepted sponsor must sign and date the application stating they have reviewed your financial circumstances and can vouch for the family’s financial situation. If your sponsor cannot vouch for this information you will be required to submit a different sponsor.

Sports Organization Information

  • We require the mailing address and e-mail of a contact person within the sports organization (preferably the registrar).
  • You must also include the final registration fees for the course along with any other funding you may be receiving.

**Your application will not be approved until your child is officially registered with the sports organization.

Funding Available

  • If approved, a4k will pay a maximum of 80% of the sports registration fee up to the funding threshold for that sport.
  • Each sport has a funding threshold based on sports registration fees at a province wide recreational level.
  • Each child may receive up to $450 per 12 months (date starts on the first day of the first grant).
  • Funding for some sports (multi-session and year-round sports) is disbursed in a 3 month lump sum (see below).

Year-round Programs

For programs, such as martial arts, gymnastics, swimming and skating that are ongoing throughout the year, A4K will provide funding at $300 to help cover 6 months. To continue receiving funding after these 6 months, you must re-apply with a new application after the 6 months (if the child is still actively participating) to receive the remaining $150.


To re-apply you must submit a new application form. However, you might not need to fill in each section, please see below for more information!

The sponsor section only needs to be submitted once every 12 months. If you are unsure whether the 12 months has passed, please send us an email or give us a call.

Your financial information needs to be renewed after July 1st of every year regardless of when your last application was made. Again, if you are unsure if it will be required, please send us an email or give us a call.

The Athlete Information and Sports Organization section must always be filled out.

How to Submit

Grants Administrator : [email protected] 
Scan the application & documents OR take a clear photo and email the application and documents showing the FULL PAGE. The document should take up the FULL SCREEN so that the font is readable (we print this out on our end).
Please make sure it is legible and able to be printed on our end.

Mailing Address:
Athletics For Kids
Attn: Grants Administrator
Suite 214-901 West 3rd Street
North Vancouver, BC
V7P 3P9

A4K is no longer accepting faxed applications or documentation. We are cancelling this service. Any documents sent to us through fax will not be received.

Helpful Information

In order to be accepted into the application process, application forms must be fully completed and submitted with the required financial documentation, sponsor information and full sports information and address. Incomplete forms or those lacking financial documentation will not be considered.

If you are applying for two or more children at one time,you only need to include the financial documentation and sponsor information with one application. However, each child must have their own separate application form filled in.

If there are any changes to your sports program after you have submitted the application (eg. the child has changed sports or organizations etc). You must send in a new application form with only the Athlete and Sports Organization information filled in. The date of your first application will be honoured if there were extenuating circumstances for this change. Please make a note on the application that this is the second application with new sports info.

If you are applying for funding for a sport that is through a community centre please make sure to include the barcode for this sport as listed by the community sport as well as the start and end dates of this program.

A4K will only provide funding for one sporting activity at a time. That is, for two sports running concurrently, only one application may be submitted. Each applicant is eligible for coverage of more than one sport in a 12 month period as long as the sports are not concurrent.
Please be sure to include your e-mail contact information on every form submitted so that we can inform you when your application has been approved or denied.

What Happens Next?

Processing times can take 4-8 weeks (depending on contact with the sport organization and the sponsor).
Applications are not considered complete and received until ALL information is received (i.e sponsor contact info, correct sports info, financial documents.)
A4K will:

  1. Review your application for eligibility, required information and financial documents. (Incomplete forms will not be processed.)
  2. Contact the sports organization to confirm the applicant is registered and to verify registration fees.
  3. Contact your sponsor via phone (please make sure to include someone who is reachable and include their ext# if applicable).
  4. Notify you of our decision via e-mail. If you do not use e-mail we will contact you via telephone.
  5. Will send out all cheques to the respective sports organizations (up to two weeks after being approved). Please include the full mailing address for the sports organization in your application.

If checking the status of your application, please wait at least 3 weeks. A cheque will be sent to the sports organization within 2 weeks of being approved . If you have already paid the sports organization, they will need to process the refund.
Please feel free to re-apply for your next 3 months, if applicable, before you have received notification of your first application.
The sports organizations may choose to wait for funding from a4k or ask for funding from the family upon registration. This is up to the discretion of the sports organization. If the family pays upon registration and the athlete is approved for funding assistance from a4k, the sports organization is responsible for reimbursing the family the amount granted by a4k.

Funding will always be granted to the sports organization directly in the name of the athlete applying for assistance and never directly to the family.

Please take a close look at a4k's eligibility criteria and application process as listed.
If your question is not answered on this page, please feel free to email our Grants Administrator at [email protected]

Financial Administrator office hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm

Phone calls monitored daily; please give 24 hours for return call
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 604-838-7529