A4K Eligibility Guidelines

The following A4K Funding Guidelines have been created to coincide with the charity’s purpose and mission.

Purpose:  To remove financial barriers to access basic registration for youth sport.

Applicant Eligibility

Applicants must be between the ages of 5 and 18 years old in order to apply and must be
enrolled in school.

Application Submission Deadlines

For sports in which their seasons span longer than 3 months, applications can be submitted to
A4K no later than 30 days after the official start of play as determined by the sporting
organization in question.

For sports in which their schedule spans less than 3 months, applications can be submitted to
A4K no later than 14 days after the official start of play as determined by the sporting
organization in question.

Application Form Requirements

In order to be accepted into the application process, application forms must be fully completed
and submitted with the required financial documentation.  Incomplete forms or those lacking
financial documentation will be returned to the applicant

Sponsor Information

A sponsor must be familiar with your family status and financial situation and be willing to participate in
a phone conversation with an A4K representative to verify the applicant’s case.  The sponsor can NOT be
a relative of the applicant or the parent/guardian submitting the form.

Examples of credible sponsors include (but are not limited to):

  • Social worker
  • School administrator or counsellor
  • Church leader (Rabbi, Minister, Priest, etc.)
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Accountant
  • Lawyer

An accepted sponsor must sign and date the application stating they have reviewed your
financial documents and can vouch for the family’s financial situation.


If both of the following apply, you are not required to have a sponsor sign your application:

  1. it is within 6 months of your last approved application
  2. you (or your partner) have not received any updated income tax assessments since your last application
Financial Information

Each applicant is required to submit at least one of the following from each of the primary caregivers

  • A copy of the most recent Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Proof of social assistance (e.g. Release of Information form)
  • Proof that the child is in foster care
Fund Disbursement


A4K will pay a maximum of 80% of the sport activity’s base registration fee up to an absolute maximum amount predetermined as the sport’s yearly funding threshold (See Approved Sports).


The remaining 20% owed to the sport organization is payable by the applicant’s family.

Multi-sport Applicants

A4K will only provide funding for one sporting activity per successful applicant at a given time.
That is, for two sports running concurrently for one child, only one application may be made for
one of the sports.

For athletes that compete in multiple sports throughout the year, as long as they do not run at
the same time, each applicant is eligible to apply for funding  to a maximum total of $600 over a
12 month period
(for all sports).

Multi-session Sports

For sports, such as gymnastics, which operate with sessions/terms longer than three months in
duration, we require a new and separate application form for each session/term requested by
the applicant.  I.e. A4K will only consider applications for the next upcoming session/term.

Year-round Programs

For programs, such as martial arts, that lack seasons but operate throughout the year, A4K will
provide funding up to a maximum of 3 months into the future.  After these 3 months, a new
application form submission is required.

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